Back Through Time

As you look back through time at the games that humans have played, it's clear that all the games we have now are really just evolutions of games ancient peoples used to play. The concepts are all the same—capture an opponent's king, beat an opponent to the end, come out with more than your opponent when the game is over, and so on. Even though the basic rules are so similar, games have changed and evolved in so many ways.

Ancient Games

a strange wooden game used to do math

Almost every culture historians have been able to study has some sort of game or games that they played. Ancient Egyptian and Eastern cultures, native tribes, and so on all had their own games.

Folk Games

some old hand painted kites

Usually when you say “folk” games, it implies games that originated in a certain country. The United States certainly has “folk” games, but they didn’t all necessarily originate in this country.

Mixing of Cultures

a person wearing a native american headdress standing in front of the sunset

Since the United States is such a young country (compared to the others) and was first inhabited by Native Americans and then European colonists, it is hard to identify purely “American” games.

Digital Games

a man and a woman playing playstation

The invention of batteries revolutionized the games and entertainment industry. Even digital games and video games, however, still have similar objectives as games played thousands and thousands of years ago.

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